Sunday, February 9, 2020

FAMILY VIOLENCE AND ABUSE Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

FAMILY VIOLENCE AND ABUSE - Research Paper Example air and just trial which constitute of their rights as individual this helps to reduce the back log of cases in the judicial and criminal courts (Lloyd 2001). Violence against Women Act (VAMA) confirms domestic violence as a National crime and federal laws should be incorporated to help deal with domestic violence with reference to overburden State and criminal justice system. Domestic violence victims usually report the incidence late and the process become difficult as decision is made by the investigating officer who charges the accused based on the evidenced brought forward, this tend to make the issue of urgency be reduced as the evidence are already been tampered with or done away with (Lloyd 2001). The gun control act states a federal crime convicted felon for a domestic violence to own a gun or ammunition this is a good option because the felon could act in the same manner and hurt an innocent partner for sending him or her to jail also the state should continue with the system of felons reporting to a parole officer and attending anger management activities so that the felons can be assimilated back to the community without any fear of domestic violence and abuse (Wallace 1996). The issue of past lover stalking a partner from state to state with intent to cause misery to the partner or physical arm is also well tackled under the VAMA as it states it’s a criminal and federal offence (Chancer 2004). Many lovers have fall victim to this vice as past lover stalk them wherever they go and cause a lot of chaos in their life this bill is effective and keeps all stalkers at bay from their former lovers due to clear and well represented facts judgment can be taken to those who stalk former or current intimate lovers with the intent of harming them, blaming them on fail relationship. The bill of human right which equally represent the accused and the accuser of the domestic violence both have the right to be heard by the justice system which passes judgment

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