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Question: Discuss about theMarketing Management for Digital Marketing Strategy. Answer: Evaluate My Valuer, New Zealand current digital marketing strategy using the 4E framework: Experience and Engage While undertaking a look towards My Valuer and evaluating the 4E framework effectiveness for the social media, it was quickly analysed that the organization is expanding in its field. Through disseminating the news about what new in the property market, My Valuer quickly inform their customers about the new offering or products and how the same work with whats new. Among the new products its entirely exists on customers to live the experience and get a property in new areas with modern facilities. For the one, who select live experience, they mostly get engaged. My Valuer quickly reaches out to people, as they move towards new information and accordingly update their customers. These customers are interested in the advancement of services or products whether its the case of new home features (Ries, 2003). My Valuer engage their customers in their new technologies, which is mainly planned to produce with the help of social media. Twitter and Facebook is the right place for the complete world to view what is actually about taking on the market. With the reduction in the usage of television, because the new generation is moving towards Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Streaming to attain the instant gratification, this situation happened when the generation stopped watching the commercials, or either they wait for the scheduled time of their favourite shows. Thats the reason; social applications are working best in spreading the news of property market (Grewal, 2016). Recommend a marketing strategy for each element of the 4E framework, justify your selected digital platform for each individual element according to desired growth of your organisation and positioning and the target customer. Plan and provide a timeline of your marketing strategy My Valuer encompasses the complete 4E framework with experience, and engagements. My Valuer tries to engage their customers through their products and by capturing the events and images that are record-breaking. My Valuer also seeks to engage their customers by sharing the property information via short content or by videos about the products or new investment options. To experience the brand, it is good to view the YouTube videos and attain the information without My Valuer can in sight. My Valuer marketing depends on various websites, newspapers, messages, as they can push the envelope and post unique content of the brand. (Hoskisson, Michael, Duane Harrison, 2012). Social media is the selected digital platform of My Valuer, who refers to the content that is distributed with the help of mobile and online technologies, to facilitate the interpersonal communication. The 4E framework covers, assisting customers in experiencing the products and providing them with an opportunity to get involved with the social network. Within the elements of the 4E framework, social media is mainly applicable to get engage with customers. As per 4E framework of social media and in attempting to engage with the customers, My Valuer spends their time in explaining the advantages and product features, and they also initiate the customers to provide them with feedback. Experience customers- through this element My Valuer impart an opportunity, through which customers can easily understand the company and the same is done through videos, test trails, and customer review (Armstrong, Adam, Deneize Kotler, 2014). Potential customers visit the stores or websites, in this manner marketer holds an opportunity to provide best experience to customers about the provided deals and benefits, along with value proposition. Engage customers- My Valuer engages the customers through their new offers and invite them to visit the places. My Valuer actively makes use of social media such as Google+ and Facebook for communicating the new deals and offers, which can attract the customers towards the property. Growth- Currently, My Valuer is very popular in New Zealand and has successfully grabbed many customers. They offer various products to their customers like office buildings, restaurants, houses, along with various other facilities inside the townships like sports, relaxation, tours, etc. My Valuer also promote their products through their events which support them in driving the digital and physical engagement (Kluyver, 2010). Positioning- the company position itself as the top property Valuer and offer best rates to their customers (Sharp, 2010). Targeting- My Valuer target at the residents of New Zealand as their customers. Along with them they also focus on customers interested in getting the commercial property. My Valuer captures the social media channels through their graphics as well as copywriting post, which is liked by audiences. In this way, they communicate their message to the public. Marketing Strategy timeline: References Armstrong, G., Adam, S., Deneize, S., Kotler, P. (2014). Principles of Marketing. Pearson Australia Grewal, D. (2016). Marketing (5th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw. Hoskisson, R. E., Michael, A., Duane, H. R., Harrison, J. S. (2012). Competing for Advantage. Cengage Learning Kluyver, C. D. (2010). Fundamentals of Global Strategy: A Business Model Approach. Business Expert Press Ries. (2003). Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind. McGraw-Hill Education (India) Pvt Limited Sharp, B. (2010). How Brands Grow: What Marketers Don't Know? OUP Australia New Zealand

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